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Feed Through Fiber Optic Module

Fiber Optic Bulkheads

Ordering Information
Part Number, Description

  • FOC-C111Single ST/ST Bulkhead, Single Mode
  • FOC-C112Single ST/ST Bulkhead, Multi-Mode
  • FOC-C416 MT-RJ/MT-RJ Bulkhead, Multi-Mode/Single Mode, Reversible Key
  • FOC-C611Single SC/SC Bulkhead, Single Mode
  • FOC-C612Single SC/SC Bulkhead, Multi-mode
  • FOC-C615Dual SC/SC Bulkhead, Single Mode
  • FOC-C616Dual SC/SC Bulkhead, Multi-Mode
  • FOC-C815Dual LC/LC Bulkhead, Single Mode
  • FOC-C816Dual LC/LC Bulkhead, Multi-Mode
  • FOC-X11612Single SC/ST Bulkhead, Multi-Mode
  • FOC-X116165Dual SC/ST Bulkhead, Multi-Mode

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