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Modular Telephone Line Cords

Modular Telephone Line Cords

These Modular Telephone Line Cords are designed for telephone and other low-speed applications. Cords are available in either pin-to-pin or reverse wiring. The modular plugs are available in 6-position/4-contacts, 6-position/6-contacts or 8-position/8-contacts configurations. Telephone Line Cords available in Silver Satin only.

Part Number
PP-C4YY*-SV-Z* RJ-12, 4 conductors, 6P4C plug both ends, flat cable
PP-C6YY*-SV-Z* RJ-25, 6 conductors, 6P6C plug both ends, flat cable
PP-C8YY*-SV-Z* RJ-45, 8 conductors, 8P8C plug both ends, flat cable
Note: *YY = Length of Cable in Feet. Standard lengths are 3, 7, 14, and 25 feet.
*Z = S - Pin-to-Pin R - Reverse

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