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Category 5e Bulk Cable

Category 5e Bulk Cable

The FASTRAK350 Category 5e cable satisfies the most demanding performance needs. Designed for high-speed applications, the new cable provides Power Sum performance for any combination of transmission schemes. With a minimum of 3dB headroom, it meets and exceeds TIA/EIA-568-B Category 5e standards.

Part Number
Cable Type
No. of Pairs
Jacket Color
Package / Wt.
MR5ESD-4P-XX* UTP / Stranded 4 1000 ft. See Chart Below Reel
27 lbs
MR5E-4P-BL UTP Solid 4 1000 ft Blue Easy-Pull 24 lbs
MR5E-4P-GY UTP / Solid 4 1000 ft. Gray Easy-Pull 24 lbs

Note: XX = Jacket Color: BL - Black, BL - Blue, GN - Green, OR - Orange, RD - Red, YL - Yellow, WT - White

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