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10Base-2/FL Multi-Mode Converter

10Base-2/10Base-FL Multi-Mode Converter

The XTEND-2/FL converts and repeats signals from 10Base-2 Ethernet to 10Base-FL Multi-Mode fiber optic over distances up to 2,000 meters. It also provides backward compatibility for communication between FOIRL and 10Base-FL links up to 1,000 meters. The converter features a 2-position terminator switch (open or 50 ohm) for Thin Ethernet termination. Available in a dual ST version only. Power: 9V DC 1.0A

NOTE: The ETP-20118 does NOT fit in any UNICOM Media Chassis.

Part Number
Link Distance
BNC for 10Base-2
Dual ST for 10Base-FL (Multi-Mode)

185m of RG-58 for 10Base-2
2,000m 62.5/125Ám for 10Base-FL

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