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Installation Manual

10Base-T Transceiver

TRANS-10T 10Base-T Transceivers
Unicom's Mini and Super-Slim 10Base-T transceivers are small, lightweight transceivers designed to connect your existing Thick Ethernet Adapter Card to a 10Base-T UTP network. The super-slim model accomodates installation into narrow slot spaces, such as SUN SPARC™, IBM®, RISC/6000™ and Apple Macintosh™. The transceivers convert signals via an AUI connector to standard Ethernet for transmission over Unshielded Twisted-Pair cables.

Part Number
Link Distance
(1) RJ-45 for 10Base-T
(1) AUI for 10Base-5
100m Category 3 ~ 5e for 10Base-T,
50m AUI Cable

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