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Category 5e Shielded Rack Mount Patch Panels

Category 5e Shielded Rack Mount Patch Panels

UNICOM offers a fully shielded Category 5e solution for protection from externally generated noise. As network speeds increase, the total system can be shielded using a UNICOM solution. The Shielded Patch?Panel includes a metal cover to shield the 110-type terminations and to secure the cable shield. The shielding of the panel to the rack is accomplished by a ground clip with a screw termination. Every port is covered by a shielded enclosure. Patch Panels are designed to meet and exceed the standards in accordance with TIA/EIA-568-B and are 19" horizontal rack mount compatible, offering excellent high-density.

Ordering Information
Part Number, Category, Port, Jack/Termination, Wiring, Rackspaces

  • PATSE-816A-RB 5e 16 RJ-45/110 T568B 2
  • PATSE-832A-RB 5e 32 RJ-45/110 T568B 3

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