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Category 5e Rack Mount Feed-Thru Patch Panels

Category 5e Rack Mount Feed-Thru Patch Panels

Our Category 5e Feed-Thru Panels allow for ease of installation without termination. Our Category 5e In-Line Couplers are unique new devices that can connect patch cords while maintaining the performance and integrity of the channel/link. Patch Panels are 19" horizontal rack mount compatible and are available in regular and high-density versions.

Ordering Information
Part Number       Category   Port   Jack/Termination        Wiring           Rackspaces

PATUE-812D-RA     5e          16     RJ-45/RJ-45          T568A/T568B         2
PATUE-832D-RA     5e          32     RJ-45/RJ-45          T568A/T568B         3

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