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Technical Specs

SmartPOE/802M 8 Port 10/100 Managed PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit Combo

8 Port 10/100 Managed PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit Combo

Supports power budget up to 124 Watts
▪ Automatic MDI/MDIX crossover
▪ 8K entry MAC address table
▪ Store-and-Forward architecture

The SmartPoE/802M is a multi-port switch that can be used to build high-performance switched workgroup networks. This switch is a store- and-forward device that offers low latency for high-speed networking and features a “store-and-forward “switching scheme. This allows the switch to auto-learn and store source addresses in an 8K-entry MAC address table. The SmartPoE/802M is targeted at workgroup, department or backbone computing environments. The SmartPoE/802M has eight auto- sensing 10/100Base-TX RJ-45 ports and all ports support the PoE injector function. The switch as two auto-detected Gigabit Combo ports for higher connection speed.

Part Number    Description
POE-63208T    8 Port 10/100 Managed PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit Combo

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