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Impressa Designer Faceplate & Inserts

The Impressa™ Designer Faceplate & Inserts

Combine voice, data, audio and video in one compact, attractive Impressa™ Faceplate and Inserts. The Impressa™ Series offers designer style to match many modern style electrical switches and outlets, with the capacity and flexibility to support high-tech communications for the home or office. Simply snap in the Unicom module of your choice to customize multimedia options you desire.

The inserts are available both pre-loaded with gold plated coax connectors to support Grade 1 or Grade 2 residential installations and unloaded for more flexibility. The faceplates come in single and double gang configuration. The Impressa ™ Faceplate and Inserts are compatible with all standard NEMA openings and is UL Listed.

Part Number
Faceplates Description
Faceplate, Single Gang
Faceplate, Double Gang

Part Number
Inserts Description
MS5-M100-XX* Module, (1) Keystone port
MS5-M400-XX* Module, (4) Keystone ports, white only
MS5-M600-XX* Module, (6) Keystone ports, white only
MS5-M11F-XX* Module, (1) Keystone port + (1) F-type connector
MS5-M12F-XX* Module, (1) Keystone port + (2) F-type connectors
MS5-M200-XX* Module, (2) Keystone ports
MS5-M21F-XX* Module, (2) Keystone ports + (1) F-type connector
MS5-M22F-XX* Module, (2) Keystone ports + (2) F-type connectors
MS5-M04S-XX* Module, (4) Audio Binding Posts, (2 pairs)
* XX = EA - Electric Almond, EI - Electric Ivory, EW - Electric White

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