MM1-S00-XX*, MM1-D00-XX*

MM1-S00-XX*, MM1-D00-XX*

Fiber Optic Outlet Box

The Fiber Optic Outlet Box one-piece design supports the mounting and routing of fiber optic cable. The box is designed with a cable entry knockout in the rear and on all four sides and incorporates routing posts to maintain minimum bend radius for storing cabling. Boxes come with double-sided mounting tape and mounting screws for surface mounting. Optional magnets are also available for mounting on metal surfaces. Boxes meet NEMA standards and are compatible with all MIO+ faceplates.

Ordering Information
Part Number, Depth

  • MM1-S00-XX* Single Gang box w/ Routing Post, 1.563"
  • MM1-D00-XX* Double Gang box w/ Routing Post, 1.563"

    Note:*XX =BG - Beige, EI - Electrical Ivory, EW - Electrical White