SVA-U501-VA, V, VAA-U501-VA, V, CBP-MF

SVA-U501-VA, SVA-U501-V, VAA-U501-VA, VAA-U501-V, CBP-MF

Baseband Audio/VideoAdapter

The Baseband Audio/VideoAdapter converts baseband audio and/or video signals over Category 5e UTP cable at transmission rates up to 100MHz. The adapter converts audio/video signals to a 100 ohm signal for UTP transmission. Signal distortion is minimized by high-frequency noise filtering at the receiving end. Available with either S-Video or BNC connections.

Part Number Description
SVA-U501-VA Hi-Res A/V Adapter with Audio & S-Video Interface
SVA-U501-V Hi-Res A/V Adapter with S-Video Interface only
VAA-U501-VA A/V adapter with Audio and BNC Video interface
VAA-U501-V A/V adapter with BNC Video Interface only
CBP-MF BNC (male) to RCA jack adapter