GEP-21000S-C, GEP-21100L-C

GEP-21000S-C, GEP-21100L-C

GBIC Ethernet Transceiver

Unicom's new GBIC Ethernet Transceiver presents the most reliable and proven standard in optoelectronic interfaces.

The duplex SC extends fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet signals up to 10km.

It offers excellent Gigabit flexibility and meets all existing GBIC size and performance standards.

Part Number



GBIC Transceiver, 1000SX, SC, Multi-Mode, 500m


GBIC Transceiver, 1000LX, SC, Single Mode, 10km


*3.3/5.0V, Hot Swappable

*Compatible with GEP-62108F Series switches