MK1-UA8-YY**, MK1-U68-YY**, MK1-UE8-YY**, MK1-U36AU-XX*

MK1-UA8-YY**, MK1-U68-YY**, MK1-UE8-YY**, MK1-U36AU-XX*

Category 6a/6/5e/3 Xterm™ Modular Jacks

XTerm™ Modular Jacks are designed to fit any application from 10Base-T to high-speed GigaBit Ethernet and feature a new low-profile 110 termination block that allows for a more reliable, stress-resistant connection. The low-profile termination also provides optimum clearance in high-density applications. Our Category 6a, 6, 5e, and 3 jacks meet and exceed the standards in accordance with TIA 568-A. The XTerm™ Modular Jacks are available in Category 6/5e/3 and in numerous vibrant colors.

Part Number            Category      Jacks/Termination Wiring

MK1-UA8-YY**       6a               RJ-45/110 T568A/B
MK1-U68-YY**       6                 RJ-45/110 T568A/B
MK1-UE8-YY**       5e               RJ-45/110 T568A/B
MK1-U36AU-XX*     3                 RJ-25/110 USOC, 6-wire

YY** = colors: AL - Almond, BG - Beige, BK - Black, BL - Blue, EI - Electrical Ivory, EW - Electrical White, GN - Green, GY - Gray, OR - Orange, RD - Red, YL - Yellow

XX* = colors: BG - Beige, EI - Electrical Ivory, EW - Electrical White, GY - Gray